10 Exciting Job Prospects for Public Administration

The Department of Public Administration is one of the disciplines that does not have a…

Public Administration

The Department of Public Administration is one of the disciplines that does not have a specific career path such as a doctor or a lawyer. What must be done by a graduate with a Public Administration degree after graduation. Here we present the job prospects of the Public Administration study program.

Before we enter the career path, we should first know what is public administration?

Public Administration (in English: Public Administration) or State Administration is a social science discussion that studies as many as 3 important elements of life in the state. Which include legislative, judicial, and executive institutions. As well as with various kinds of things that have to do with the public which include public policy, public management, development administration, state goals, and ethics governing state administrators.

To help clarify the following we have compiled the career paths for graduates of public administration,

Government Consultant

Government consultants are urgently needed at this time to unravel the problems that arise in the government. Then, government consultants are expected to provide solutions. Being a government consultant can get a salary of tens of millions of rupiah per month.

Legislative Staff

Setting policies and how to apply policies to society is one of the areas studied in the department of public administration.

Therefore, one of the right job prospects for Public Administration is to become a legislative staff

Government Officials

Undoubtedly, public administration majors are needed to be used as government officials in various positions. Both local government and central government

Community organization activities

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are institutions that are willing to voluntarily provide services to the general public, without having to benefit from the activities carried out by them.
Activities or activities that are usually carried out are defending oppressed communities, helping disadvantaged communities, which in essence helps to build communities so that they can live ideally, in accordance with applicable law.
It is the same with community organizations or what is commonly referred to by the name of mass organizations. Community organizations are organizations that are formed and run on a community basis, which do not have political goals and are formed on the basis of some common interests in a field. Such as in the fields of religion, education, or social society.
With the existence of NGOs, community organization funds that need to be run with a good organizational structure can become good job prospects for graduates of State Administration.
This graduate from State Administration is widely equipped with how to make society more ideal with an effective policy form, which is appropriate to fill an NGO or a community organization that is much more active and productive. The productivity of graduates of this department is what is able to bring these graduates to become activists.

Members of Political Parties

One of the ways so that knowledge of public administration is distributed, being a member of a political party must of course be able to understand properly and understand how the pattern of government is involved in this country of Indonesia.

By being actively involved in realizing the vision and mission of nationality through political parties, it certainly becomes one of the job prospects for graduates of state administration by becoming members or activists in a political party.


Public administration majors in lectures are also required to be able to analyze a problem and then report it. Of course, a graduate of public administration must be more sensitive to the current issues facing the government.

Therefore, graduates of public administration can also become reliable journalists because they are equipped with various knowledge plus understand how to analyze accurate and precise data.


By mastering Government Science, one of the career prospects in the public administration study program is as a transfer of knowledge to others, with a very noble goal of educating the nation’s life and is a very promising prospect.

BUMN employees

Not only in the government sector but this Public Administration graduate can also work in companies. Many of which are used in BUMN. To know more about travel you can visit this site kelilingkota
Because SOEs are government-owned companies. Where there will be so many joint relationships with the government such as taxes and so on. The competencies possessed by graduates of State Administration can work in the financial and tax sectors of SOEs.

Director Executive

This public administration career is the CEO type of a non-profit group. They head advocacy, fundraising, and other civic duties related to the role. Usually elected by the board of a nonprofit organization, they are tasked with running the entire organization.


In government, there are various kinds of problems faced. Especially social problems as one of the core targets of the government system. To overcome these problems, government expert staff certainly need a form of research or research that is useful for solving problems or evaluating performance.

Data from research can be used as a very accurate basis for improvement for the progress of a government.
Because the scope of the government is indeed very broad, whether it covers a sub-district, village, region, district, province, the state. The research carried out is usually carried out or takes place on a large scale. All of this is done so that the wheels of government can run continuously in every layer.

Of course he will need a research assistant to carry out various kinds of research. Public Administration graduates who have been equipped with good governance theory. Will be very appropriate to be able to fill this one position.

Work in a Financial Institution

Public Administration graduates also have pretty good prospects to be able to work in financial institutions, for example in banks. Currently, Banks in Indonesia continue to grow and require a lot of competent employees to be able to fill the financial sector.

Basically, what has been learned in the State Administration study program is also about studying finance. So it will not be much different in terms of handling problems.

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