What Causes Construction Site Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Primbondh/ September 21, 2021/ attorney at law, legal

Even the most prudent construction firms are susceptible to a catastrophic tragedy. In the construction industry, accidents do not happen by themselves. It is typically the culmination of a series of events that led up to the occurrence.

Consider some of the most prevalent forms of construction accidents and how to avoid them. Also, make sure you always work with construction accident attorneys if injured.

#1 – Falls

Falling is one of the most dangerous risks on construction sites, which is unsurprising. This has historically been the largest cause of mortality among construction workers, with 991 fatalities in 2016.

Proper fall protection is not always in place on building sites. Additionally, inadequate scaffolding safety poses a considerable risk, with scaffolding construction flaws being a key contributor to fall hazards.

Employers are responsible for protecting their employees and contractors on the job. Investing in fall protection equipment (e.g., harnesses), installing toe … Read More