Politics: Parochial Political Culture, Subjects, and Participants

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Politics: Parochial Political Culture, Subjects, and Participants

Politics – Each element of society has a different political culture, such as between the general public and their elites. Political culture is a system of values ​​and beliefs that are shared by society.

Indonesian culture tends to divide sharply between elite groups and mass groups. The fact is that is what happened.

The nature and characteristics of political culture related to the issue of values ​​are the basic principles that underlie a view of life-related to the problem of goals. Political life is a part of our daily life.

Demonstrations, preferences, elections, campaigns, and others are part of the political culture in Indonesia.

Political activity has now also entered the world of religion, economic and social activities as well as personal and social life at large.

In terms of the reality of a political culture that develops in society, Gabriel Almond classifies political culture as follows:

Parochial political

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