Law- Conventions are basic rules in the practice of state administration that arise because of…


Law- Conventions are basic rules in the practice of state administration that arise because of habits but are not written in nature.

In another sense, the meaning of a convention is an unwritten law that exists in the state administration that arises because of habits. The existence of this convention is to fill a legal vacuum that does not exist in written law, namely the 1945 Constitution.

Convention Types

There are two kinds of unwritten rules. The types of conventions are as follows:

National Convention

This is a type of unwritten rule that exists in a country where the parties involved are citizens and the government of that country.

International Convention

This is a type of unwritten rule that involves citizens and governments of every country that is a signatory to a convention. The number of countries that have signed an international convention may increase from time to time.

Convention Example

In order to better understand what a convention is, we can look at the following examples:

Flag-Raising Ceremony

The raising of the Red and White Flag every August 17 in commemoration of the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia is an example of a national convention.

There is no written rule that states that the implementation of the Flag-Raising Ceremony must be carried out. However, this custom has been going on for a long time and is still being practiced today.

Election of Ministers by the President

The president and vice president who win in the general election will choose ministers to fill their cabinet. In the law, there are no written rules regarding the procedure for selecting the candidate for the minister.

In this case, the President has the right to choose ministers to fill his cabinet. So this is also one of the national conventions.

Universal Copyright Convention

The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) is an organization that aims to protect the intellectual property rights of people who do not live in countries associated with the European Union. So, this is an international convention to protect works of art by people who don’t live in those countries.

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Berner Convention

This is an international convention that regulates the protection of the copyright of written and artistic works. 45 countries signed the Convention in Bern on September 9, 1986, after undergoing several revisions.