Here, you would create mid-resolution viewports and then use media queries to adjust your resolutions later on. The best way to use this approach is by starting from the low-resolution viewports and then slowly building your way up to ensure that your design does not get constrained by the content. This worked fine until, in 2016s mobile traffic started to boom, conquering half of the global web traffic.

  • We utilise a browser application to access the website and make it user-friendly for visitors.
  • We also have a number ofbursaries and scholarshipsavailable to our students.
  • Alternatively, if you want to gain a further qualification while working, a Knowledge Transfer Partnership might suit you.
  • This will give you the confidence that what we are building is what you need, and if it isn’t, we can quickly adapt and fine-tune the development, often presenting an alternative within hours.
  • Finding common, tried and tested solutions to reoccurring problems within the code.

Designing the user experience for any modern software system requires the ability to program the web and to create compelling mobile apps. At Keele, you will learn how to do this and can tailor your degree to your interests. You will learn to use the most current frameworks and you’ll gain recognition of your expertise in the title of your final award.

How We Protect and Maintain Your Data

To construct the proper framework for a website, you must first grasp its layers. Each layer necessitates a particular set of abilities, but web developers must be familiar with all the fundamentals to be creative while being safe in the field. People and company owners are far more linked now than they were two decades ago. Enterprises are moving away from nation-states and toward a more globalised world. The significance of having a website in the promotion of your products and services has risen dramatically. We can’t ignore that apps dominate the chart, indicating a change in online engagement towards social media use.

Computers Web Design and Development

The email server is maintained by SCP Computers Ltd and is monitored for any unauthorised access. We have systems in-place to block detected unauthorised access attempts. Within Cornish WebServices, we have staff who have studied both MMI , HCI and website usability. We also have staff who use the JAWS software, the market leader for non sighted people accessing the Internet and are able to design and fully test websites to W3C AAA standards.

Promote job vacancies, courses or events

You will extend your understanding of system development in this module. In particular, you will cover program design issues within the context of an industry-standard approach. Forensic Computingteaches the methods, tools and techniques required for data recovery and analysis.

Types of Web Development

That is, you will then be able to explain the implications of adapting new technologies in relation to their technical cost benefits, to your future colleagues or employees. Server and Client Side Scriptingintroduces you to the theoretic and practical concepts and applications of object oriented programming for web based developments and applications. The theoretical content will focus on the design and modelling of object oriented and model-view-controller architectures/systems and any underlying data structures. The practical side of the module will concentrate on the implementation of the designs/models and data systems to provide valid solutions to real-world problems. Our web design and development degree is the perfect opportunity to develop skills in demand from employers and learn how to make the web a better experience for users.