The e-book produces about 0.1g of carbon but, of course, still incurs costs in its production. The difference is that people could theoretically keep their reader for a long time and read hundreds of books on it . If it were not an annually replaced gadget, like mobiles, it is definitely the greenest choice. Academics from Bangor Law and the school of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering have gained recognition for their collaborative work in data visualisation.

The New York Times, bulwark of American journalism, is losing circulation, advertising revenue, and credit. How it fares in today’s economy is likely to set an example for other national daily newspapers across the world. Many people have claimed the days of buying the national paper, and ritually reading it on the train to work, are numbered; we will sooner or later have to accept digital versions of news.

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Consider the environments of defence, offshore rigs or transport applications for… Corinna Gardneris a Senior Curator of Design and Digital at the V&A and her research focuses on contemporary product and digital design. Corinna leads the museum’s Rapid Response Collecting programme and current projects include a new permanent gallery for 20th and 21st century design and an exhibition about the promise and problem of plastic today. Developer is the hub for the latest news, blogs, comment, strategy, and advice from leading brands and experts across the software development industry.

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In our digital leaders survey, almost a third of publishers (28%) told us that they are planning to experiment this year with voice-controlled assistants. The Huffington Post has developed a news briefing via Alexa and a headlines quiz game on the Google Assistant – one of many systems that is opening up to third party integration. “We’re all just at the beginning stages of learning how our consumers will interact with these devices to get news,” says Julia Beizer, Head of Product for the Huffington Post. We said Snapchat would be a key network to watch due to its track record of technical innovation and audience focus. We also predicted the growth of professionally produced vertical and square video.

  • Class and Contemporary UK Film and Television A free online conference on 7 July will explore exploitation and precarity in the film and TV industry, as well as class representation and the inculcation of neoliberal ideology.
  • Bendy phones and fold out or roll-up screens may also be on their way with OLED technology.
  • It also has to maintain its authority as other competitors, like Citizendium and Google, try to stake their claim.
  • Since many of these in-house solutions are bespoke, they are proving hard to scale and making advertising look like content can raise issues of trust and credibility for many publishers.

In sharp contrast, we saw intense soul-searching by traditional media over how they could have become so out of touch and how they missed/misjudged these stories – with trust amongst old and young falling to historic lows . Expect widespread innovation with messaging apps, chat bots and the art of ‘conversational journalism’. Perhaps the ultimate question is whether we will want to read newspapers and magazines on an e-reader or, coming soon, a piece of light, flexible plastic. Technology continually races ahead of our ability to accept it, but eventually the early adopters will start to convince the rest of us. The day of e-readers on the train is probably further away than manufacturers hope, but eventually it will come and that mobile phone will look a bit pass. From a green point of view, the average book releases more than 4kgs of carbon in its production and incurs the costs of warehousing, transport, waste, and toxic chemicals.

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Messaging environments have always been tricky for publishers to penetrate but the creation of bot platforms are changing the landscape. Bots are intelligent computer programs that chat with users – providing information in response to prompts. Sometimes they are driven by humans, sometimes by computers – or a mix of the two, but it’s really the conversational interface that makes them different. Chat bots can give you updates on the news, book a taxi or help you with a recipe for dinner – no need to download a separate app. Paul Bradshaw who runs the MA in Multiplatform and Mobile Journalism at Birmingham City University writes about three types of journalistic bot that have emerged in the last few years.

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Many quotes do not carry names or organisations, at the request of those contributors. (Newman et al., 2016) shows that in the UK and France bulletins have lost around 20% of their under-35s viewers in just two years. 24-hour news channels are also under pressure from social media, which is often much faster to deliver critical footage on breaking stories. This is a particular problem for public broadcasters that need to show they are serving all demographics. In response the Japanese national broadcaster NHK is creating one minute documentaries for Facebook, while the BBC is pushing 15 and 30 second videos to Instagram. New 24-hour channel France Info has had some success by importing formats from social media such as ‘draw my news’.