Law students: Advantages of Studying Law School

Studying law is not only suitable for men, but many women are also successful in…

law students

Studying law is not only suitable for men, but many women are also successful in becoming lawyers or other jobs in this field. Well, here are some of the advantages that Pinters can get when choosing a law major:

Wider Knowledge and Insights

Reading is the main thing that Pinters needs to do while studying in this major. Not only reading the text of the law that is part of the lecture material, but reading the news and the latest developments is also very important for case studies.

Thus, law students are intelligent figures who have broader insights into current conditions.

Formation of Positive Character

The advantage of majoring in law that may not exist in other majors is that it encourages the formation of positive characters that are more specific for students.

Some of these characters are brave, firm, disciplined, and don’t back down when there’s a problem. For legal children, problems are something they need to solve, not let go.

Although many female students have a glamorous appearance, this does not reduce their assertive and smart attitude. Learning about law, legal sanctions, and so on has formed this character in law students.

Are you curious to be like a child of law? Plan your preferred law major college now.

Knowing the Legal Basis and How the Law Develops in this Country

For Pinters who are concerned about the legal condition in Indonesia and want to know what the real legal theory is, study law in the department.

Although Indonesian law generally adopts Dutch law, this is still knowledge that will help Pinters assess how Indonesian law is administered.

Therefore, several law students from well-known universities have participated in many political and legal discussion forums in Indonesia.

They are also ready to take to the streets aspiration for justice when there is a problem of legal injustice in Indonesia and all its problems. They are more aware of the existing legal rules.

Not Just Memorizing Text

Children of law students must have the ability and good analytical power of a legal text. This will exist in everyday life, usually will analyze a new problem and then look for solutions.

It can be said that the analytical skills and reasoning power of law students will be better trained. Understanding a text then how to interpret it and how it is implemented in the field. This is quite honed in the mind of a law student.

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