Origination and set-up time and costs are generally much less than for conventional design and print advertising methods. Marketing raises problems about how consumers buy and use products and how they react to marketing activity. This module is concerned with collecting evidence and understanding the theory about these issues. It provides critical hutchisonandmaul.com knowledge of how to conduct research into buyer behaviour and understand its relationship to problems in marketing. This module enables you to gain an understanding about the latest developments in areas of buyer behaviour such as loyalty, satisfaction, advertising effectiveness, store atmospherics, and business-to-business decision making.

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  • Customers frequently buy online now only after checking previous customer feedback and reviews about products and suppliers.
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  • Marketing tactics are practical, tangible, and trackable things that a brand does every day to reach out to its audience (e.g., tweeting, blogging, responding to social media posts, sending out email newsletters).

News media and trade journals are always very keen to publish survey data . Where a business carries out a survey and some of its findings are published, the business/organization is reflected in a very credible and authoritative light. The module will be delivered as a series of research seminars and workshops, led by subject experts from both academic and professional practice backgrounds.

A company typically conducts market research to segment the market and find out more about its target market to inform its marketing efforts. The marketing mix supports a businesses decision-making process when it comes to its marketing plan. Here are some creative, low-cost marketing ideas that won’t break the bank. Set up a document that you can add examples to when you see them. Eventually, you should have a set of social media advertising examples that you can refer back to when you’re creating your own.

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Ultimately, investing in online advertising on social media is also relatively affordable. Low cost-per-click campaigns can lead to higher levels of success at a fraction of the cost of other advertising options. Make sure your key details are featured including any social channels you have. Ensure your logo and colour palette is in line with your website and other marketing material. If you have a business premise, pop them in a cardholder for people to take as they pass.

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Choosing online advertising options on platforms that are relevant to your business can be an effective way to target your ideal audience. Press releases are still a useful way to release information about your business. Ensure they’re well written and link to your website and social channels at the end if anyone would like further information. You can submit them to press release sites that large amounts of journalists have access to. You can also tailor them to any local journalists you’d like to get in touch with (make sure it’s something of interest to them) and pop them on your website if you feel they’re relevant for your customers.

When you have very few staff it is possible to communicate these ideas without necessarily writing them all down, but more than this really requires some sort of written record of these standards. Your marketing plan is actually a statement, supported by relevant financial data, of how you are going to develop your business. There may also be references to image and reputation, and to public relations. All of these issues require some investment and effort if they are to result in a desired effect, particularly any relating to increasing numbers of customers and revenue growth.

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It’s difficult to measure the success of these campaigns in terms of direct ROI, as it’s more about gaining exposure to build your social following and increasing brand awareness. If your social community grows significantly during the dates you’re gaining coverage from the partnership, it’s a case of assuming it’s largely down to this exposure. For example, a home décor blogger has 4k followers on Instagram who love home and lifestyle products. You run a bespoke wardrobe company and offer to fit a new wardrobe for free in exchange for Instagram coverage and a blog post written by them for your website about the fitting process. You need to weigh up the value of your offer against the potential exposure you could have amongst your target audience. Again, Pinterest is more appropriate for brands that can produce visually appealing content.

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Though marketing and advertising can seem similar there are some key differences. Marketing and advertising both seek to optimise customer communication, provide consumers with relevant content and ultimately generate more sales, but they employ different methods to meet their shared objectives. It’s important to understand the difference between them so you can gain a better understanding of the specific strategies for each function. In this article, we outline the differences between advertising vs marketing, list the importance and types of each function and explain when you can use it over the other. A survey of customers and/or potential customers also provides an excellent opportunity to achieve some valuable positive publicity afterwards.