Volkswagen collaborated with developers of augmented reality applications to designate car parts with the appropriate equipment to be used in the repair process. Technicians can work more efficiently using this technology, which is known as MARTA. Are you looking for a career in the industry or skilled talent to push your business forward? Deloitte expects that by 2030 China will hold 49 per cent of the global EV market, Europe will account for 27 per cent, and the United States will hold 14 per cent. The primary benefit for drivers is that these headlights will have the longest range provided by any current headlight technology.

  • Modern intelligent cars gather information on traffic patterns, drivers, their regular locations, and more.
  • PBE Jobbers Warehouse, an auto body equipment wholesaler, integrated its eCommerce, CRM, and ERP systems.
  • New vehicles are increasingly incorporating high-strength steels, aluminium, carbon-fibre composites, magnesium, titanium, various types of plastics and even natural materials such as hemp, cotton, linen and flax.
  • Basically, the need for devaluation is eliminated from predictive maintenance technology.
  • On a final note, a Japanese newspaper recently claimed that Toyota intends to discontinue the Crown sedan and replace it with an SUV from the next update.

Businesses nowadays must stay ahead of the curve and get in front of customers before their competition. They need to figure out what their present and future needs are, and then collaborate with the best technology partner to help them achieve those goals. Additionally, they need to optimize internal procedures, retain and build partnerships, and reduce expenses. Predictive analysis is another field where customer service can be optimized and customer loyalty secured. The program earlier detects car errors and optimizes processes through Big Data Analysis.

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What’s more, it offers an unexpected manufacturing opportunity in the form of the development of bacteria-free interiors. Building a Customer Portrait for each target segment invites insights into key aspects of a consumer that, when viewed collectively, explain their behaviour. It outlines what they do and why they do it, identifying the motives for, and barriers to, behavioural change – or lack thereof. Ultimately, this allows an OEM, captive finance company or dealership to effectively target and encourage desired behaviours by revising marketing and activation strategies. Some markets will be unable to support the transition to EVs in the same way that wealthier nations will over the next decade.

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He works with senior management teams of leading OEMs, leasing companies and new EV entrants to understand the disruptive trends reshaping the automotive and wider mobility sector. Jamie’s current focus is on helping existing and new OEMs manage the transition to electric, considering all aspects of the business, from engineering, sales model, charging and market entry. The rate of intellectual property litigation in the automotive industry has increased rapidly in recent years and is expected to rise even more dramatically in the near future.

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Fortune Business Insights estimated that the automotive plastics market was valued at USD 38.8 Billion in 2018. For decades, most vehicles have been made with steel bodies due to steel’s relatively low cost, strength and malleability. According to the survey carried out by automakers, nearly 70% of companies are in some phase of chatbots and over 50% have definitive plans for the implementation within the next 3 months. PBE Jobbers Warehouse, an auto body equipment wholesaler, integrated its eCommerce, CRM, and ERP systems.