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In England and Wales, legal instances within the Crown Courtroom are almost invariably conducted with the barristers’ wearing robes, but there’s an rising tendency in civil instances to dispense with them. Iqbal, Ehsan and Mirza v Secretary of State for the Residence Division 2015 EWCA Civ 388; 2016 1 WLR 582; 2016 1 WLR 582; 2016 INLR 367; 2016 Imm AR 77: Proper building of part 3C of the Immigration Act 1971 and consequences of creating an utility for go away to remain that does not adjust to the procedural requirements in the Immigration Rules. Should you appear in court and someone else’s barrister asks you questions in a means that you really feel is unfair, this may occasionally just be the barrister doing their job. The short reply is that which type of lawyer you require is determined by your situation and that it is best to enquire with … Read More