Understanding Political Concepts And Movements


Liberalism is attacked from the left because the ideology of free markets, with no defence against the accumulation of wealth and power in the hands of a few, and as lacking any analysis of the social and political nature of individuals. Throughout the final century, liberalism has been beset by controversies between, on the one hand, these broadly identified as ‘individualists’ and, on the opposite, ‘collectivists’, ‘communitarians’ or ‘organicists’ (for skepticism about this, though, see Bird, 1999). Liberalism guarantees the freedom to cultivate the self. If American liberals — especially those in the Democratic Party — don’t pivot from their complacency quickly, they may discover themselves ushered to an untimely funeral. Even if right this moment’s peace holds, liberalism will endure as rising fears of overseas foes drive individuals into the arms of strongmen and populists.

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