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The Democratic Social gathering’s drive toward nationalization has focused inwardly. Over 70 % of Individuals consider that welfare recipients both abuse the system and become overly depending on it ( Hays 2003 ). Public dialogue regarding welfare typically portrays recipients as lazy, immoral, and undeserving of presidency help. Christina Ewig is Professor of Public Affairs and Director of the Center on Girls, Gender and Public Policy at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota. It has been argued that society as an entire has a cultural and structural “center” about which most members of the society are more or less peripheral.” 7 Republicans see themselves as representing the center while Democrats view society from the periphery.

Political parties play a significant role in a democracy. Recall Pinker’s puzzlement concerning the linkage between strict building of the Structure and disdain for surprising artwork” ( 14 ). Figure … Read More