Muslims Victims Of Liberalism Inconvenient Observations


The promise of secular democracy primarily based on liberalism has not been able to supply residents a powerful enough sense of that means and belonging. Liberalism, because the identify implies, is the basic belief in a political superb where people are free to pursue their very own goals, in their very own ways, provided they don’t infringe on the equal liberty of others. In contrast, distinctively Hobbesian contractualism supposes only that people are self-interested and appropriately understand that every particular person’s potential to effectively pursue her interests is enhanced by a framework of norms that construction social life and divide the fruits of social cooperation (Gauither, 1986; Hampton, 1986; Kavka, 1986). The liberal, emphasizing the civil and property rights of the individual, insists that the person must remain so supreme as to make the state his servant.

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